The Hourglass

Time runs away, it flies, it falls inexorably like sand through an hourglass. All we see is the grain now falling through, because we live at the cross point, rhe narrow place where the moments pass one by one. Below us is a growing pile, the Past. We are rushing toward the past, adding moments to it, will we, nil we. The unknown future crashes down on our heads, manifesting oh so briefly in the present, before joining the growing heap that is our life so far.  We try to retreat from that future, to escape it because it scares us, and we know there is nothing we can to to avoid its overtaking us; but the thing we fear most is that the future will, in overtaking us, cease to be; that we will have no future, but will find ourselves out of time, with nothing left but that unmoving pile of moments past.

from that frightening future, God calls:  “come to Me.” Into that place of unknowns.  Toward the uncertainty. Through the fear of nothingness, of our own death, into … Into what?  Life?  Promise? Change?



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