Going to Africa 

I  have been quietly planning a trip to Africa. The plan is in place.  The airline tickets purchased.   I received my passport back from the embassy with a visa for the destination country.

I will spend some time there visiting some families I am acquainted with; will visit some churches and at least one school; and I plan to do some considerable amount of sightseeing.

Inevitably,  some pressing needs will come to my attention.  No doubt the experiences of this visit will whet my appetite for such things  and I will  want to do more visits in the future. I expect to come away with ministry ideas.

How to Help

If you want to help me on this adventure, including giving me the capacity to respond appropriately to immediate needs (or to upgrade my accommodations; please see full disclaimer under Support) you can do so directly at https://paypal.me/revr and of course I will be thankful.

Oh, the dates:  I’ll be going for most of the month of August 2016. The place? Uganda.

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  1. Thanks for the support. Leaving in the morning, on schedule. Thanks also to the person(s) (you know who you are) who have provided some support already.

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