Those troublesome protesters…

I remember reading about one. He had a real reputation as a rabble rouser, had a crowd following him everywhere he went. Seems his big draw was the prospect of health care, personally administered by himself and his hand-picked cronies. 

Imagine his nerve, coming from out of town to the capital city, just in time for a big annual festival. Of course he disrupted it with an unscheduled parade, all these people shouting and cheering like he was some kind of king. Dangerous!
Then the next day really took the cake. Backed up by his crowd he went into a place of worship, destroyed property and disrupted business, and gave an angry speech accusing the business owners of being thieves! 

Fortunately, within a week one of his lackeys did the right thing and let the police know where he could be arrested without that big crowd around. It was a little unusual to have his trial that same night, but extreme times call for extreme measures. The governor needed a little persuasion to approve the execution, but right-thinking people were able to pull together enough supporters to impress him there would be popular support for that action, and consequences for being too lenient. 

Too bad they didn’t round up the whole gang that night. I hear they are still making trouble. 
(Disclaimer: any resemblance of people or events to actual, contemporary or historical realities is most likely coincidental, and most probably intentional for purposes of satire. He who has ears, let him hear.)

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