Speaking the Truth in Love 

“Speaking the truth in love” is one of the most powerful concepts in the Bible.

 In our natural lives, truth and love hardly seem to have room for each other. This is especially true in and near the centers of political power. 

There are people raising their voices for truth in a way that stirs up hatred, and that happens from every political angle. And there are people who in the name of love would rather not face up to what is right in front of them. 

But the gospel brings us a way of loving that embraces truth, and a way of being truthful that engages love. 

Love can hold a wrongdoer to account without forsaking the possibility of redemption. It can denounce an action while still seeking the wellbeing of the actor. 

If Christianity is to be more than just another self-serving political faction, we must pursue this kind of love, whose model is Christ at the cross forgiving his enemies, or Stephen the first martyr saying “lord lay not this sin to their charge.” It is the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.